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Digital.Davos 2023 Partnership Opportunities 


Since 2018, Digital.Davos has welcomed presidents, prime Ministers, CEOs, Fortune 100 billionaires, and A-list celebrities of all types. Come meet global innovators and thought leaders in BioTech, FinTech, blockchain, and beyond to discuss responses and real solutions to today's problems.


Digital.Davos 2023 gets you connected with the world's elite and Fortune 1000 companies in an exclusive yet relaxing environment located in the Swiss Alps. Digital.Davos 2023 will be our fifth annual conference. We will have events in Davos and Los Angeles. To fit the busy schedules of our select clientele, we provide a virtual alternative as well.


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Davos Location


Why Partner With Digital.Davos in 2023?

Los Angeles 

One Event, Two Locations 

It has become increasingly more important for you and your firm to collaborate with strong partners to confront your challenges and tackle the world's major issues. You must be ready to create solutions and opportunities. In today's world, no one has the luxury to waste time or be indecisive about changing course for the well-being of your company and the people who rely on you.  


Leading CEOs, fast-growing startups, political, regulatory, and world leaders, as well as VC investors, are there to answer a single question: Where to next? As a partner, you have the option of integrating yourself into these solutions for your benefit and the benefit of humanity as a whole. Speak with our team about how attending Digital.Davos in 2023 can help your company achieve its goals.


Increase Brand Recognition

Share the narrative of your brand with global leaders. Digital.Davos.2023 invites political and thought leaders from across the world, as well as innovators, investors, and journalists, to provide your firm with unique exposure. Our customized partner packages allow you to present yourself to our attendees in the way you want.

Thought Leadership

Show the world that your company is one step ahead. Place your brand at the forefront of an industry.


Issue a press release, launch a new product, or lead a roundtable. Digital.Davos.2023 secures your spot at the

discussions that matter most.

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Davos by the Numbers:

On average, 10,000 people attend Davos during the annual World Economic Forum meeting. These attendees include over 50 heads of state, over 100 billionaires, over 1,000 family offices, half of all Fortune 100 executives, numerous thought and business leaders, and investors and funds from all over the world. This event receives substantial media coverage from nearly every major media outlet. Numerous journalists that cover politics, economics, and science attend this event every year.

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