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AI won an art contest and artists are furious

After defeating chess grand masters, AI now triumphs in an art competition.

Jason M. Allen won first place in the emerging artist division's "digital arts/digitally-manipulated photography" category at the Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Competition. His image, titled "Théâtre D'opéra Spatial," was made with an artificial intelligence system that can produce detailed images when fed prompts. The tool, which allows users to feed a phrase like "an oil painting of an angry strawberry" to an AI system, can produce dozens of images in seconds. Many people disagreed that ai aid should be permitted during a contest, but what is the point? An author can't use spellcheck a painter no AI?

The underlying dilemma is whether we judge a person's skill via athletics or through the perfection of an item. One thing is certain: AI will alter our worldview more than any previous scientific breakthrough in human history. With this shift in worldview, a shift in social economics will occur, significantly altering our civilizations.

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