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Digital Davos-SP & ChainBLX-SPC

Digital Davos-SP has offices in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, and the United States.

Digital.Davos is jointly run by Doug Stromback and ChainBLX.


Conceived by Doug Stromback and curated by Karl Seelig (on behalf of ChainBLX-SPC), Digital.Davos was a success from the start. During the pandemic, Digital.Davos continued running by holding virtual meetings and in-person events through different hubs in multiple cities. The key driver was to foster the advancement of the participating industries, companies, and countries. At the May 2022 Digital.Davos event, an unscheduled meeting was held with representatives from the IMF and Ukrainian investors and government officials. At this meeting, they developed a plan to launch a $800 million fund to support the Ukraine IT industry that has been affected by the current conflict.

Past Speakers on Blockchain Technology Have Included:  

Since 2019, the advancement and future outlook of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, web3, and associated technologies has been a major focus of discussion at Digital.Davos events.

Past Political Speakers Have Included:

The most pressing political issues of the day are discussed at Digital.Davos to give a cross-border perspective to industry attendees.

Past Speakers on Ethics and Humanities Have Included:

Life is about more than money. Ethical aspects are a key part of our development and the global social fabric.

Past Speakers That Have Discussed Scientific Development Include:

Scientific advancement continues to be a key factor that both drives and advances our civilizational aspirations.

Past Organizers, Curators, and Moderators Have Included:

Guaranteeing efficient information exchange is our main goal.

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